We are a small team of professionals with years of experience in the fashion industry that got together in mid 2019 to create our dream brand.

We launched MAKSU in February 2020 and have been running ever since.

Our drive for quality, detail and distinctiveness is captured in the design of our collections. Based on a combination of Italian fabrics, silks, luxury fibers and unique-hand-crafted pieces made by artisans in India. Each garment is produced in limited units in order to preserve their exclusivity and avoid overproduction.

Opened only two weeks before the Covid-19 lockdown was enforced, our store is both store and our office with designers working from the actual sales floor. This is the way they are inspired to develop their designs and the way we show our heart to our customers, everyone is invited to be a part of the MAKSU process. It’s the MAKSU 360!

We are as close to our customer as we can get, listening to their thoughts and comments on a daily basis.

Maksu was born in Madrid, but this was just the beginning. As an online brand we want to communicate our philosophy and style worldwide.

We want you to be conscious of the garments you choose and feel proud of what you wear. We want you to wear our clothes for years to come, and for them to become a part of your wardrobe for generations. We want to be part of your own story.